Since centuries plywood has been the most used product in building the homes. Everyone wants to use the best plywood doors’ designs in their home and workplaces.

Plywood word was first used in 1907 during the industrial revolution. Shatabdi Ply a leading brand of plywood in India started manufacturing plywood in 1970.

Plywood is manufactured using wood veneers which are bonded together under extream heat to produce a flat sheet.

Process of Manufacturing Plywood Doors

To manufacture plywood we need thin sheets of wood.

  • Positioned each sheet of wood at 90′.

  • Place adhesive (glue) between sheets to bond them.

  • Apply extreme heat and pressure to these sheets.

  • Sheets converted into a flat sheet and we get a plywood sheet.

  • Finally, multiple plywood sheets are joined together to manufacture a plywood door.

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